Friday, 3 December 2021

Never a dull moment

It's all been a bit epic! 

Poor DD3 took a tumble getting ready to leave preschool and gave herself a fairly impressive head injury. I arrived to collect her from preschool just a few minutes after it happened. Luckily my parents were with me on the school run so Nanny was able to take charge of the other 4 children while Grandad popped me and DD3 straight up to the walk in centre.
I'd only been there 2 weeks ago as Gman broke his finger at school! I'm very much hoping to avoid a third visit any time soon! 

DD3's visit took us less than 3 hours and she was soon checked for a concussion and superglued back together again. It's amazing how small the wound looks once it's all cleaned up and glued! Only time will tell if there will be a black eye or bruising tagging along with it. 
 DD3 was her usual impossibly cute self and so so brave throughout. DH insisted on getting her a Happy meal on our way home from the hospital as a special treat so naturally she's quite pleased about that. As long as it doesn't give her any ideas 🤣

You can call us many things but we certainly aren't boring are we? 



  1. So glad that your little one is ok. I thought life was pretty full on when I had one small child...can't begin to imagine what it's like having 5! Arilx

  2. she really is adorable xx i hope she's soon on the mend x

  3. Bless her heart, she deserved a treat.

  4. Relieved to learn DD3 is okay. Good to see her smiling again - doesn't she look like her Daddy! Take care and stay safe, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand xx

  5. Masterminds me of the time I sent my apologies for missing a PTA meeting that sais. Sorry I can't make it this evening, Jennie was sick on the carpet, I cleaned it up but this left a damp patch on the carpet. Christopher tried to jump over the damp patch, slipped and head butted the radiator and broke his nose!

  6. Doesn't look like her injury has had too much effect - a lovely smile!
    And I hope the saying about things happening in threes isn't true for you

  7. Good to see she's okay, and still able to use that cute smile to her best advantage!


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