Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Life and other things


 Life is going pretty well for us at the moment. It's been a busy half term as DH has a new job which he has already started. The rota is quite different to his last job so its going to take some time getting into a new routine. Plus he is also pretty exhausted from working full time again after months of doing not a lot. He is however a lot happier in this new job than he was in the old one so that alone is worth everything.

 The children are all happy, healthy and growing like weeds! I'm trying to prise  the older two off of electronic devices at least once a day and go in the garden. Sometimes they go willingly sometimes not 🤣

 Once the children return to school next wek i will be getting my decluttering plans in order. I want at least one carrier bag gone a day! I want space on my shelves again.

 Hope you are all doing well



  1. Good luck with the declutter and I'm glad things are going so well for you all.

  2. Good news about your husbands new job, have fun clearing out next week

  3. Nice to get a post from you. They all look happy there in the pic and glad Hubs job is secured.

  4. I always like stopping by here! Glad to see all is going well.


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