Thursday 1 October 2020

Thursday Thrifting

 Pinch Punch it's the 1st of the month. White Rabbits, White Rabbits.

 Today has been a busy yet rewarding day. First we took a car load of donations to our favourite charity shop in West End. Some of it was refused as they are drowning in books currently. 

A quick mooch found a set of stacking mugs, which is something thats been on my wish list for a while, for £1. I noticed when I got home they were from M&S!
The ceramic egg was 5p! I'm planning to turn it into a little spring planter for the dining table. Possibly with some grape hyacinths and narcissus.

Dinner was a new recipe from Pinterest. I found while researching what to make with a tin of butter beans. Thise photo above is of the results a delicious Sausage and Butterbean cassorole. It went down very well with everyone, although we told the children they were just giant baked beans when they started poking at it suspiciously 😂
Definitely a recipe I'll be making again.

My late afternoon was spent setting up our new school stuff system. It replaces our old system of "what do you mean it was thère yesterday?" 
We will test it out tomorrow and try to iron out any kinks over the weekend.

Not a bad start to October!

X x X


  1. I love that little egg, such a bargain.

  2. Good luck with your school system. Some great bargains.

  3. Looks very organised - hope it works

  4. Those stacking mugs are on my wish list too. So glad you found some and at such a steal! ~Andrea xoxo


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