Monday 26 October 2020

Itchen Valley


We took full advantage of the break in the horrible weather to visit a local country park.
The original plan was to buy one of the trail packs and complete the Halloween trail, but the queue to purchase one was horrendous. 
Instead we mostly worked out the trail by ourselves by just following the crowds going around it.

Baby C took her usual supervisory role very seriously as you can see. She certainly attracted plenty of nature as I was pulling leaves and things off her all day 🤣

We took our own supply of drinks and snacks from home so today only ended up costing us £4 in parking fees. 

Though my budget for washing powder may  need to be stretched futher 🤣
Everyone came home muddy, tired and happy. It was a wonderful trip out.
Fingers crossed we can get another nice day this week to have adventures on.

Take care.

X x X


  1. Awwwww... a good day, it looks like. These will be the memories that keep your bones warm when you are old. I know firsthand! :) ~Andrea xoxo

  2. Baby C looks quite comfortable and your family are growing up so quickly

  3. Hello - I was idly looking down Sue in Suffolk's side-bar and saw "Itchen Valley" - as a Southampton gal (transplanted in Wales half a lifetime ago) I just had to come and visit!


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