Monday 3 August 2020

Staycation fun

 Today was spent enjoying some cheap fun at the seaside. We headed to Hayling Island for the first time this year to enjoy the sun, sea and shingle.
Baby C stayed firmly in the shade being loved on by me and DH, we swapped at regular intervals so we both got to dip toes in the sea with the children and look for beach treasures.

 After the beach became to hot and the children a little to wet and tired we rested with a little picnic in the car before heading the arcade.
We gave each of the 4 eldest children £1 worth of 2p coins. We were a little concerned that no one in the arcade wore a facemask and social distancing was non existant.
We stuck close together and encouraged the children to use their coins a little quicker than we would usually suggest.
Once we left I smothered them all in lots of hand sanitizer.
I dont think we will be back any time soon! Way to frightening for me.

Once home everyone was happy to flop in front of Netflix and Disney films. While it was quiet I took the opportunity to clear out a small side cupboard on my Victorian dresser. I'm trying to clear a cupboard or drawer or shelf each day so I feel like I've achieved something each day. So far that's going well for me and I havent felt to much of a mood dip since having Baby C. This evening though I've found some lucky Chinese coins I bought for the family 2 years ago as a Chinese New Year gift. The little side cupboard must of been my "safe place" for them ­čśé I've popped them in an envelope and rehidden them safely in my bureau upstairs AND written a note in my diary on the 1st of Febuary 2021 reminding me where I've put them this time. Third times the charm right?

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  1. Hello Sarah, a big yay for the lovely day out and also for finding the Chinese coins. Stay safe, with care, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand xx

  2. I just love your little family, they remind me of the good times when all mine were young. Pleased that you are feeling good after the birth. I can't believe how quickly you last one has grown.


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