Friday, 17 July 2020

Backwards and forwards

Baby C recieved her Nanny blanket today. My mum has made each of the children a patchwork blanket to snuggle so it felt quite special for C to receive hers 🥰

Today I trundled back to the hospital for Baby C's 5 day checkover. Due to the COVID rules they no longer come to your home to see you, to be fair they try and do as much in each appointment as they can to save to many journeys. As someone who hates any medical related trip its been quite an anxious time which isnt the best thing while trying to heal.
Baby C has lost a tiny 8oz since birth, I'm suprised she lost any as my girl likes her food.
The hearing test was successful on her left ear but inconclusive on her right ear. That means another trip back next week at some point to retest.
She lost her cord stump this morning and it looks like it's healing nicely too.
Things are going great.
Next appointment is more Mummy focused as I get my Pico dressing removed and a check over to see how I'm doing. 

Today was also Gman's last day of term. We bought his teachers each a potted plant to go with their cards as no one seemed to be following the no gifts rule.
A few more days R&R and we can start having some summer trips out.

X x X


  1. Glad all seems okay. Although it was years ago now for me and babies I remember how much I loved having them all and feel only joy for you.

  2. that blanket is lovely, your mum is very clever x

  3. Many, many congratulations!!! Sending you all a huge virtual hug xxxxx


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