Thursday 6 June 2019

Thrift shopping haul

I've had a lovely afternoon enjoying the sunshine and thrift shopping with my mum.
First I found this baffling framed cross stitch picture. I love the slightly bizzare vibe to it with the gothic text and cheery goose scene. 
It will be the first addition to my wall of curios.

I also found a king size Thomas the tank bedding set. I've never seen one in king size before. The two spare pillowcases match other sets Gman already owns, the cover itself is destined to become some sort of tent or teepee.
Its a huge amount of fabric for just £1.

2 books for just 29p! DD1 has been becoming more interested in Biblical stories and prayer thanks to attending Messy Church etc. These books should go down pretty well.

I couldn't stop laughing when I found this. I had to get it. 

Finally I found this amazing jigsaw! Gman enjoyed putting it together. It's a great introduction to learning to tell the time and has all his favourite characters in it. 

What goodies have you found lately while thrift shopping?

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  1. Haven't been to shops but hope to go to car boot this weekend rain permitting. Looking for a rice cooker among other things.

  2. Some great buys. Haven't done much thrift shopping lately but usually look out for bits for little GD.

  3. That Prayers book is lovely, I have seen that before. And how wise to have three-hundred a-and-sixty-SIX stories. I know 3 leap year children who would be quite miffed to think THEIR day had been forgotten. Glad to hear DD1 likes Messy Church. Will they be running a Childrens Club in the summer? I am busy preparing crafts for ours at the minute.[reusing ideas I did in Leicester years ago!] ...but what sort of adults want a King size Thomas Duvet?[I suppose if you are the sort of family where everyone piles into Mums bed in the mornings maybe it isnt such a daft idea....]

  4. Amazing finds! Can’t wait to see the Thomas tent.

  5. brings back fond memories of when our son was young and had the Thomas bedding.

  6. ive an adult son who'd think the duvet was wonderful , i often buy bedding for the volume of fabric at the jumble sales. I like Harlequin bedding where nothing matches ...but then im an odd person

  7. Like Ang above I wondered why there would be a King sized Thomas for adults? but your idea of using it for a teepee is brilliant


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