Saturday 8 June 2019

1930's knitted hat

I've just finished knitting this cute bobbly beanie from a 1930's knitting pattern in my stash.

Consider the pattern is well on its way to hitting triple figures, I don't think it looks dated. It's supposed to be stripy but I opted to use some self striping yarn from my stash. 

I think I might make a few more later for our craft stall in September. I'm toying with the idea of framing the pattern for display. Do you think people would be interested in seeing it while they choose their hats?



  1. I'm sure having the pattern on display would make it more interesting and may open up a conversation with someone who otherwise would walk past.

  2. If I was looking at the hats on the stall I would love to look at that old pattern too - so yes a good idea
    That hat is much more interesting than a plain beanie - love it

  3. Yes most definitely copy and frame the pattern - "vintage" sells [look at Sarah Whatshername on Money for Nothing]

  4. your hat looks great, i think people would like to see the pattern, vintage is always popular x

  5. I agree I think that would be something people would love to read and talk about.


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