Wednesday 22 May 2019

Tuesday's travels

After dropping the two eldest off safely to school this morning I took the two smallest to Little Thrivers. 
Today's theme was The Man in the Moon based around a story book we read at the end of the session. Usually a few of the children are choosen to act out the parts of the story as its read aloud. Today Gman got to be the Man in the Moon himself. I think G looks rather fetching in a top hat.

After group a few of us got together and raided the reduction sections of local supermarkets and food stores. We were lucky to find lots of fruit, some meat and cheese. With the addition of some cream crackers we had ourselves a mini picnic. 
We ate it together in the town park before those with any hint of energy left visit the playground.

The smallest members of our group, including Baby W, napped in a patch of shade while the adults took turns pushing swings and coaxing toddlers down slides. 

I managed a quick bit of thrifting in my favourite charity shops. I didn't find much but one thing I did spot were 2 packets of Reproduction Victorian scraps. They were only £1 each and both have hundreds of images inside. I'm planning to create a fantasy travel journal with them.
Watch this space.

X x X


  1. Looks a fun day. One of my grandsons wears a hat always, sometimes in bed too. He has a selection of hats!

  2. Those are beautiful. I love the Victorian style, so did my mom.


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