Thursday 9 May 2019

There's a leek.

I spent most of yesterday in the company of my mum. We spent the day catching up on family news and gossip, and drinking many many gallons of tea. 
Before I left she gifted me with a bag of rhubarb and leeks from the allotment.
Baby W played with the leeks on the school run.

I may have been lucky to get them all home. Baby W is obviously a big fan of leeks 😂

With the help of my glamourous assistant DD2 the rhubarb has been cleaned, skinned and chopped ready to freeze for later use. The leeks were cleaned and chopped along with some potatoes and garlic.

I left it all in the slow cooker overnight on a low heat with some Christmas stock from the freezer and plenty of water.
 Today we have oodles of delicious leek and potato soup which is perfect for the drizzly grey day it's turned out to be.

What's your favourite soup?

X x X


  1. I do like leek and potato soup but made celery and potato today and it was delicious.

  2. I am not sure if I would be a fan of raw leeks!!! Our rhubarb is nearly ready, can't wait to make something with it.


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