Saturday 29 December 2018

Frugal gardening

I've picked up some good deals for the garden in the past few days. I started by finding some hazel trees for £1 in B&Q.

The day after I bought a planter of mixed strawberry plants. They should give me 100 days of strawberries between them which sounds tasty and fun. I had to leave my strawberry plants at our old house so I'm looking forward to starting a new strawberry empire.

Finally, I bought a little potted Christmas tree in tescos reduced to £1. We've named him Bruce the Spruce and hopefully he will enjoy many Christmases with us in future. I think he may outgrow his fairy lights quite quickly though 😂. He came all dressed with decorations and battery powered lights so he was quite the bargain.
 I also picked up a very cheap onion set but as I've already planted them (they were sprouting in the packet) there isn't much to see.

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  1. Those little hazel nut trees were such a bargain, I shall look forward to you posting as they grow.

  2. Great bargains. How is your brexit stash doing?
    All the best for 2019 for you and your family. And hope to see lots of post from you. X Renee


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