Tuesday 15 May 2018

Rhubarb and Orange jam

Gman wasn't the only person getting gifts yesterday. My parents very kindly gave me a huge bag of delicious rhubarb from their allotment.
Today I set to work processing it into something delicious.

A quick hunt through my collection of preserving books found the recipe above. I had all of the ingredients on hand so decided to give it a go.

It felt great to be making preserves in the kitchen again. A house that smells of rhubarb is a nice bonus too. 
Neither jar has set well, the time in the recipe is very short for a jam. However I'm planning to use it mostly in overnight oats and deserts so it doesn' hugely matter. In this household it won't hang around for long!

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  1. I will be making some of that jam, it will be kept in the fridge though as it is only 33% sugar. It will be lovely stirred into some Greek Yogurt.


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