Saturday 26 May 2018

Frugal fun


 Who says you need money to have fun!
We've stayed in today to rest from a busy school week but we've found plenty to do.

First we made banana flapjacks. Everyone enjoyed the stirring and the tasting but funnily enough everyone disappeared when it was time to wash up. 

While the flapjacks baked we practised our fine motor skills by decorating pinecones with loom bands. 

After lunch we all tried a Troll themed yoga video on YouTube. Yoga is great for gross motor skills and strengthening core muscles, both of which DD2 needs to work on. I couldn't take any photos of the yoga as DD2 decided to do it in the nude!
While the 3 smallest relaxed mid afternoon, DD1 and I made slime using PVA glue, water and borax. DD1 found an instruction video for us to follow and did most of the work herself.

Finally while I made dinner the three eldest played skittles with some empty bottles from the recycling box. DD1 kept score and DD2 showed off her math skills by adding up all of the points to work out the winner.

It's been a fun packed day and not a penny spent!

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