Monday, 17 November 2014

Poor Chilly Barbie

 A few days ago DD brought a Barbie doll from a local charity shop with her pocket money. She got a good deal paying just 50p because poor Barbie had no clothes, and some charity shop don't like to display naked dolls.
 When we got home we wrapped her in a handkerchief with some elastic bands as a makeshift dress. DD was concerned she would be chilly. Meanwhile I looked up some free knitting patterns and discovered this little gem.
 It took just two nap times to knit up and used up a few scraps of wool that wouldn't have made much else.
 Only trouble is, now DD wants a whole Barbie wardrobe knitted up for her new friend. Best get knitting eh?

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  1. I still have the dresses my grandma made for my barbies, a very long time ago. I still smile when I see them, I'm sure someday your daughter will too.


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