Friday 14 November 2014

Happy Pudsey Day

Happy Pudsey Day! was DDs greeting this morning when she woke up.  They have been learning about Children in Need for a day or two at school. She was super excited to get ready thanks to today being a pyjama day! DD opted for a snuggly penguin onesie with a pair of tights and a shirt underneath for extra warmth. 
 It was fun to see all the teachers had joined in, even the headmistress had stripey jammies, a sleeping cap and a teddy bear under her arm as she welcomed us this morning. 
 When we collected her at home time the teacher told us they'd had several of the youngest ones had curled up in comfy spots and had naps after lunch.  Can't really blame them myself,  when your in your jammies it's quite easy to nod off.

 We also picked 
up our first baby thing for the impending arrival. I couldn't resist this sweet little shirt in Asda. Though we have strong suspicions about the sex of BB (Baby bump) we are sticking to neutral colours for the moment.  I just love the little slogan and design.
 Can't wait for May to arrive.

 X x X


  1. Congratulations & May will be here before you know it. Hopefully the weather won't get too hot before then.


  2. DD looks fab in her pjs and spotty coat. It IS good when the school staff all take part. Lots of yellow pudsey onesies at my place yesterday.


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