Thursday 3 July 2014

First machine projects

  On Monday I was very kindly gifted a sewing machine by my mum. She then spent the whole day showing me how to thread it properly,  wind bobbins, change all the stitch types and length and goodness knows what else. We also made a cushion together from a mans shirt we picked up in a charity shop.

With some clever cutting and planning we used the button up front from the shirt to make yhe back of cushion. Such a clever and easy idea!

The next day I tried my hand at reverse engineering a sun hat that DD llikes. 
I'm pretty proud of myself! They aren't perfect but they taught me some important lessons in planning and pinning carefully.  
 Both have come out wearable though somewhere the size has shrunk slightly so DD can't wear them but baby D can so it's not a big issue.
Wondering what to try next. Any suggestions? 

X x x


  1. Visit and sign up for their newsletters. They have good simple free patterns and quite a lot of upcycling ideas. You would probably find it easier to make tings for the house for starters – like peg bags, laundry bags etc as size isn’t crucial and you would get used to your machine. And there’s always bunting. I love bunting.

  2. aprons, 'pillowcase' dresses, tote bags...the world is your oyster [pyjama trousers are a good one to master]

  3. That hat looks like a pretty advanced project! Sewn cuddly toys are good, I've just had a nose about on that allfreesewing site and there are some good ones there. Actually quilts can be quite easy as well.


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