Sunday 13 July 2014

About a ... fish

   This is a fish. A rather lovely looking Sea Bass to be exact.

 And this is Peter. The fisherman who caught it!
  My dinner was swimming in the ocean while I was eating my breakfast! Isn't that a crazy thought?
 If I asked he could probably even tell me the time he caught it to the nearest five minutes.

 I love that I can support someone local who is running their own business, I love that my children can eat beautiful fresh local fish within hours of it being landed, and I especially love knowing the story behind my food.
 If you have always brought your fish from the supermarket I really recommend trying to find out if you have a local fisherman, and if they are on Facebook! I found Peter's Facebook page through the local Catchbox webpage.

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  1. I'm a bit land-bound, but I did buy some bantam eggs from a nearby farm yesterday!


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