Monday 21 April 2014

Your'll find me in the garden...

It's been a wonderful Easter weekend for the Random household. The perfect blend of family time, alone time and chocolate! Today has been mostly spent in the garden with my two little helpers.
 I splurged a few pounds in B&Q on some sugar snap peas, cauliflower and broad beans.

They have been added to my tomatoes,mini potatoes, spring onions, radish and lettuce seedlings.  I'm fast running  out of pots to move things into so I really need to step up project garden. I'm hoping to make the first of a set of raised beds shortly so I can get things into their more permanent homes.

 I've also found some time to pop in my two rhubarb crowns. The little flower patch under the birch tree has proved to be a nightmare. Under about 6 inches of bark chippings are several layers of thick plastic, a few more inches of soil and then concrete.  Hence the need to speed up the raised bed making pretty sharpish.

And after all that I still managed to get my next lot of seedlings started! Runner Beans, tomatoes (2 varieties), spring onions, radish, lettuce (2nd variety) and pumpkins.

Plus a few herbs thrown in there for good measure. I should get a good few salads out of this lot over the summer once they've all grown up a bit. And once these guys are big enough to move on, it will be time to start some winter crops (leeks, cabbage, sprouts).

After all that I'm in need of a nice cuppa and a sit down.
Happy Easter to you all


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