Friday, 4 April 2014

April Project Update

My project for April is to make DDs room into a dream come true. She has asked and asked for a Princess theme bedroom, and finally she's going to get one!
 I've found two old Princess annuals in the freebie bookshop so far.
Using the poster pages from one and reusing DDs old paper mache letters from Hobbycraft,  I think I have created a rather nifty looking decoration for her room.
 They only took minutes to whip up and I'm thrilled with how they turned out.

Watch this space for my next princess creation, a princess wardrobe.

X x x

P.S - DD is not called Nyaa I have rearranged the letters as I don't want to name her on my blog. If you know it already or work it out please keep it to yourselves :)


  1. They look lovely a very, very clever idea! I'm also delighted to hear that Baby is getting a little better each day. You look like you had a wonderful Mothering Sunday x

  2. Your letters turned out very pretty.

  3. Awww "Nyaa" will love them such a good idea x

  4. Awww i am sure "Nyaa" will love them xxx

  5. They look lovely! Whata very pretty name she has too (and no I'm not referring to Nyaa)

    I'm crafting a old bureau and happy how its coming along, I think theres something about Spring that makes you want to craft and pretty things up :)

    I can't wait to see the finished result of her princess themed room xx

  6. Awesome! I am not crafty, so I get alot of enjoyment from these type of posts.

  7. the letters turned out so pretty...I love them and know she does too!!


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