Saturday 15 October 2011

Ta dah!!!!

Well everything came out really well. In the end I cooked it for 90 minutes, but there was still plenty of liquid so it could have been happily sitting there much longer.
The taste is amazing! It's actually surprisingly sweet, a little to sweet for me so I would add less orange is I make it again. The creme caramel followed it perfectly. Even OH cleared his plate which is a high accolade in this household.
I'm really really proud of myself.

And last but not least the last two tips.

Tip 1;
Ivy cutting

Ivy is an obliging plant. It seems to survive rather haphazard watering and care, grows well even under rather dreary conditions, and one can take cuttings from it any time of year, except midwinter. Keep ivy cuttings in a glass of water until it begins to root, then plant it in soil. If you want it to cover an inside wall, you can persuade ivy to climb and ramble in any direction. Guide it by attaching it to the wall at intervals with transparent sticking tape.

Tip 2;
Luncheon meat sandwiches

A very tasty sandwich filling can be made from tinned luncheon meat. Mince or finely chop the luncheon meat, blending in a little softened butter. Flavour it with some freshly prepared English mustard and a little tomato ketchup. Use it as a spread for either open or closed sandwiches.

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  1. I so love the vintage tips- keep them coming [have you SEEN the price of luncheon meat these days tho?]

    weekend blessings x


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