Wednesday 19 October 2011

Showing off me shopping

It's been a while since I brought anything worth showing you lovely blog readers. I don't think you'd be very interested in my food shop would you? Probably not.
So above is one of new blue and white cups. Isn't it pretty? I picked up a set of 5 of these for just £2!!!! The charity shop was closing down for the weekend so they could redecorate, everything was 40% off or better.
' I really like the way the pattern continues inside the cup as well. It's a new idea to me.
Close up of the saucers and side plates in the set. The set is called "Coaching scenes". And I am so in love with them it actually hurts lol.
I'm really hoping I can find a blue and white teapot soon and start serving tea to people when they come over. I love being a hostess :) I'm already looking out for pretty teaspoons to add to them.

And last but not lease, to make up for a few days non blogging, here is a whole host of tips!#

Tip 1; Texture Wise

I know that I have already warned you in an earlier leaflet, to use a really sharp knife when you trim the surplus pasty from a pie dish. It also helps if you hold the knife at an angle - the handle under the plate and the blade sticking away from the pastry. This gives a chamfered edge to the pastry and prevents it from shrinking during cooking.

Tip 2; Texture wise;

Many people tend to forget the importance of texture when they are planning a menu. How boring a meal becomes when all - or nearly all - of its textures are the same.
For instance the following menu is far to porridgey in consistency; Cream of chicken soup, rissoles, creamed potatoes, turnip puree, gooseberry fool. There is nothing in that meal that needs chewing. In fact it would be an ideal menu for someone who has just had all his teeth out!
A clear soup, followed by steak, chips and crisp salad followed in turn by a fruit pie, would give you a good selection of textures. But work some out for yourself.

Tip 3; Mexican Chocolate

Blend together a little black coffee and hot chocolate. Sweeten to taste, before topping each serving with a blob of whipped cream.

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