Saturday 3 December 2022

School Christmas Fayre


Today we took a trip to our Primary schools annual school fayre. The PTA alway put on a great range of things to see and do, this year was no exception.
We of course had to visit the Santa's grotto ☺️ this year the gifts were craft based which was a nice idea. The older 3 happily did their crafts when we got home meaning I got to have a much needed cup of tea and a sit down.

Once we had finished visiting Father Christmas we treated the children to a hot dog each. At £2 each they were a reasonably priced lunch and it felt good to treat them. 

We also tried our luck on the tombola stalls and I had to have a good browse of the book stall too ☺️

 There were several free things that children could do during the visit. Such as a mobile petting zoo that was in the playground. We saw miniature donkeys, brushed some goats, chatted to chickens and fed some bunnies. 

There was also a trail around the school of elves to find. If you found them all you could get a free prize from the Raffle stall.

It was a nice nod to the cost of living crisis that no child would go home empty handed and could enjoy a few games and visiting the animals with no funds needed.

It really was a wonderful afternoon trip out. OH coped well but he needed to stand behind the buggy a few times in crowded parts to avoid being bumped or jostled by overexcited children running around. I think he'll sleep well tonight though 😂


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