Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Family fun day

Today we went on a wonderful adventure.

First we caught the bus to our destination. Bus rides used to be a 4 times daily occurance before we moved to Eastleigh, it's so odd that it feels quite special now. Gman said he couldn't remember riding on a bus before and was shocked to hear he had actually ridden on many.

  The bus was free transport put on especially for people going to the Family fun day otherwise we couldn't have gone without DH driving us there. It felt really nice to take all 5 of the children out by myself for the day.

After signing in and dealing with a small travel sickness incident we started our first activity. We were each given sticks, rubber bands, pipe cleaners and a plastic dinosaur.
Then we had 20 minutes to make a raft that could sail the dinosaur safely across a small paddling pool of water.

All 4 eldest children really enjoyed the challenge and it's definitely something we'll be trying again at home. 

Next we made some handmade paper. A touch messy but a lot of fun trying to find the perfect leaf or flower to use as decoration. Sadly the line drying the papers broke in the wind before we could take them home but I think the children forgot about them anyway so it wasn't too much of a disaster.

Next came den building with a short walk into the nearby woodland and the children let loose with sticks, tarps and rope.  Originally we were in two teams; me, Baby C, Gman and DD2 vs DD1 and DD3. However we ended up making a sort of super tent between us complete with a mock campfire set up and sleeping areas.
It was wonderful to watch them all working together to solve various problems.

By then it was lunch time and we were all famished. Lunch was fresh salad and jacket potatoes with a host of toppings to pick from. It was here we had our only complaint of the day. The eco friendly wooden forks were horrible to use. Next week we will be packing some cutlery from home!
Dessert was chocolate mousse with whipped cream.

The afternoon activity was making berry smoothies using a bicycle powered blender and creating fruit kebabs. DD3 had a lot of mysteriously disappearing fruit 😂
I was a little shocked at how some of the other children attending didn't recognise some of the fruit we used and even more shocked at several parents who threw the kebabs in the bin as they left. I'm tempted to take freezer bags with me next week in case a similar thing happens, the frugal mum in me wants to take home any leftovers to make jam 🤣
I wonder if they'd let me 🤔

After our fruit feast it was time to catch the bus back home. Evetyone was tired but happy after a day of fresh air and nature based entertainment. 
We are booked on 4 of the 5 sessions avaliable this summer and I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. What a wonderful mother you are. Your children are very lucky with such caring parents. A hardworking dad and a caring mother. They are truly blessed

  2. What a fab day - such a brilliant event. You can ask about the fruit - the worst thing they can say is 'no', after all. What a shocking waste though.

  3. That looks a really good day out! Unbelievable that people just throw away good food.

  4. what a lovely day out x it's definitely worth asking if you can take the leftovers home, i hate to see anything wasted x

  5. Looks and sounds like a brilliant day out.

  6. What a wonderful time you've all had, and Sarah - you are an incredible Mother. What an amazing team you and your DH make. Sad that others choose to waste the fruit, I agree that you should ask about it next time. DD3's disappearing fruit had me smiling with you - ah, it is all good food! Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  7. I would imagine that the organisers would much prefer to see someone using the fruit rather than see it being wasted! These events cost money (obviously!) so to see that being literally thrown away must be a bit soul destroying!

  8. Such a wonderful day out you gave your children.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  9. I live fairly close to Eastleigh, I wish I'd known about this as it sounds like a great day out (although my 2 and a half year old might be a bit, uh, chaotic for organised activities - he would have loved the fruit though!).

    Just discovered your blog and felt compelled to comment as I couldn't get over the other parents putting their kebabs in the bin! Who even does that!? Can't grasp that mentality at all!


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