Saturday, 10 February 2018

DD1'S a winner....isn't She?

 DD1 skipped proudly out of school yesterday clutching an envelope close to her chest and looking very excited. Her short story, she'd written in school had been entered into a competition and had won!
 The whole way home she gushed about being a winner, about being published in a book of winners, how she wanted to tell everyone we'd ever met about how good her story was.
  Naturally I was thrilled, I even got a touch teary in my pregnant state.  My clever little daughter winning writing comps aged 7. Amazing!

 But then I read the winners letter properly and the world began to crash down.
 The company running the "competition" have been running this scam for years. Every child in DD1's class, probably year group has received this letter. Out of the 25,000 entries into the competition her class won 30 winner places. What are the chances eh?
 In order to have your child's winning entry published you must send off a form giving permission to have it printed. AND agree to buy a copy of the printed book for the bargain price of £15.99 + £2 postage. There's offers to tempted you into buying more. 3 for 2, 10 for 7.
 Surely the winners get a free copy I thought. As a prize of their achievement? No. There is no achievement here. Every entry in that book paid £17 (minimum) to be there. If you don't pay you don't get entered.  Hardly a compltion is it.

 Apparently it's called vanity press, and thousands are duped into it every single school term.

 I'm fuming. And will not be buying a copy and will be warning others about it!

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  1. Appalling, and to target children too. What were the school thinking of, probably their cut of the profits!

  2. Of course she's a winner!! Keep encouraging her to write :-)

    However, I am very surprised the school allowed this to happen. We get loads of these 'competitions' sent to us and about 99% of them get binned before they make it into class. I'd contact your school and let them know your feelings on this xxx

  3. That's disgusting, emotional pulling at your heart strings blackmail. I'm surprised the school allow it to go on!

  4. That is terrible. I would write a letter of complaint to the school for taking part in this ... I wonder if they get a kick back?

    Why not get your daughter to neatly write out her story on A4 paper, draw a picture to illustrate it and buy a nice frame that you can hang on the wall somewhere in your house, to show her that in your eyes she really is a winner :-)

  5. I can't make a proper book, but if you'd like to send me her story, I would happily type it out and illustrate it for you - it's not quite the same as a published book, but it wouild be something (Not that I'm a great illustrator, or anything - I just feel sorry for her!)

  6. Our old primary school ran this comp but it was for art work, I ended up paying for the book as my son was so excited, I blame the school. I should have made a complaint at the time but as a young mother didn't have the confidence, believe me I would kick up a fuss now I'm older and wiser.

  7. Congratulations to your daughter. Now send a letter to the board of governors this is not good, I am watching what I say.

  8. I wouldn't have thought that would be allowed in a school. Can you complain to them? That is a lovely idea of Sue's to frame her story.

  9. I remember something like this when my girls were in school. This discourages the children and puts the parents in a tough spot. I really enjoy your blog. I am in the US and probably as old as your mother lol but I love all the sweet and creative things you do with your
    children�� Love from the USA

  10. A similar thing happened to me over 30 years ago.This was for a poetry book.I am sad to hear it still goes on.
    Your daughter is a winner in your eyes and that's all that matters :)

  11. I agree with the others, that is cruel, but your daughter is indeed a winner, Sue's idea is a good one.

  12. I think you should get together with a few other Mums and express your concern to the school. This sort of thing is WRONG and misleading the children.

  13. Last year my Daughter entered one of these competitions and hey surprisingly she won and I too got the letter about the book and also like you I realised it was a scam but the look of pride on my Daughters face about being a published author was such that despite knowing the score I succumbed and paid the money. After several months wait and many emails from them asking if family and friends wanted a copy too, I finally received a copy. my Daughter is delighted with it and will never part with it. Yes its a scam but also it can be a beautiful thing and bring such joy so for me I am glad I paid the money and got the book but I agree with the above comment that the School should never have put Parents in that position in the first place

  14. This scam has been going around for years and years in varying forms. I remember a cousin getting sucked into buying a cookbook she submitted recipes to 50 years ago. Vanity books for sure.


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