Tuesday, 29 August 2017

September planning

 Things are changing in the Frugal house. I can't say to much yet, but the next few months are going to need some careful planning and organizing to keep things ship shape. So next month I am taking a leaf out of the awe-inspiring Brandy at The prudent homemaker and planning a to do list for September.


*Eating out the freezer and cupboards - I seem to have a lot of "bits" stashed away from other meals. Never enough for a meal alone but to much to waste. I'm planning to clear some space in preparation for Christmas. Expect some odd combinations!

*Harvest - I want to make the best use of the all the garden produce as it ripens. Hopefully starting to make some preserves for Christmas (chutney, mincemeat etc)

Home and Garden;

*Deep clean the lounge - including washing the sofa covers and pulling out the cupboards.

*Garden upkeep - stay on top of the picking, watering and weeding.

*Winter planning - check the winter quilts and blankets are in good order. Wash any heavier things that need freshening up before the weather changes.


*Donate old toys - Now the birthdays are finished for the year it's time for the pre Christmas clear out.

*Plan for Halloween- Start collecting resources and ideas for activities. Planning costumes and looking out for local events.

*Check through wardrobes for anything ill fitting or stained. Replace as needed. Check winter jumpers/cardigans fit etc.


*Knit a baby outfit for a friend who's expecting.

*Make some Halloween decorations

*Plan and source things for Christmas decorations (collect and dry pinecones, collect bottle lids etc)


  1. I wish i'd have been as organised as you are when my 3 were little. We had 3 children under 5 at one point and seemed to live in constant juggling chaos! Thankfully they're none the worse for it and are now all in their 20's. If only we could have the benefit of hindsight though!!!

  2. must admit im not normal , they predict a heatwave over the bank holiday and my first thought was wash all the quilts the garden had quilts and blankets everywhere yesterday even draped over vehicles .....winter is coming

  3. I wish I was as organised as you are. I hope the changes will be positive ones for you. X


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