Friday, 10 March 2017

London Art Display

I've spent the afternoon upsetting the husband. It wasn't intentional, I just seem to turn into some OCD monster when arranging things.
It all started with the trip to London. Hubby kindly bought me a set of 12 postcards featuring paintings from the exhibition. 
But we couldn't find any reasonably priced frames to display 12 cards. Or a set of 3 frames each displaying 4 cards, that we could agree on.
In the end we bought a frame to feature 9 cards and agreed to argue later about which 3 postcards we wouldn't include.
we forgot to factor in that some of the cards were landscape and some were portrait. D'oh.
After much huffing and rearranging, a few threats of bodily harm and gallons of tea, we decided to use all the portrait postcards and fill the last two spots with photographs of us from the trip.
Cue a second round of bickering about which photos to use....more tea, more threats.
Hubby wisely left me alone at this point to choose how to arrange everything in the frame. 

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, Hubby has banned me from ever making another one. Poor fella.

X x X

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