Friday 3 February 2017

All the latest

It's been hectic in our household. Everything seems to happen at once doesn't it? Car break downs, extra hours at work, tummy bugs and much more besides.
However we have survived through and have returned back to you. 
So a family update.
G-man is happy and healthy. Currently working on teething his last few gnashers. 

DD2 is enjoying our home learning theme of celebrations this year. Chinese New Year went down well and we are currently working hard on Valentine's Day decorations.

DD has become obsessed with eating everything with chopsticks. It's proving both hilarious and annoying in equal measure. 
She also just lost her second tooth!

Hubby is still my biggest child and requires the most supervision of them all lol.
He's currently up for premotion at work so fingers crossed for that! 

And finally me!  I am recovering from the bug mentioned earlier but otherwise I'm doing okay. I'm currently working through the Beautiful Creatures book series when I get a few minutes spare from running around after everyone.

How are you all?


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  1. The germs have visited our house recently too. It's good to see you're all back and looking well. X


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