Tuesday 13 October 2015

Baking in my airing cupboard

It was my birthday on Friday just gone. I'm officially 30 years old! I feel like it's a good time to launch a new project and make some life changes. So watch this space ladies and gents!

One if my big goals is to become more self sufficient. I want to be able to make more things for myself so we can minimize what we buy in.
Today I am experimenting with snuffly shower discs.
The idea is you drop one onto the floor of your shower and as you wash they release helpful scents to unblock your sinuses. 
I didn't have any of the oils the recipe asked for but I did have a bottle of Olbus oil in my cupboard. We're big fans of it here in the Random house. 
The whole thing is basically bicarb mixed to a paste with water. You spoon it into cake cases and add a few drops of oil. Then let them dry out in a warm place (some recipes bake them in an oven like a meringue).
My 500 gm box of baking soda  (wilko £1.50)
And 1/3 of my Olbus oil (wilko £1.60) have made 40 petit four sized discs. So each discs is around the 5-6p mark. Pretty frugal!

I'm going to give them 48 hours to dry nicely and then pop them in a big kilner jar on the window sill. I will let you know how sucesful they are in a few days time.

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  1. Eagerly awaiting waiting your results - I have a cold and a blocked nose at the moment!


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