Saturday 6 September 2014

Aloe Vera Babies

I spent a rather enjoyable hour in the garden this afternoon with my growing plant collection. The tomatoes are starting to ripen and I'm picking a few each day. I should have enough this year to keep us in cheese sandwiches and side salads but not much else. Next year expansion is needed in this area for sure.
 I also potted up some baby Aloe Vera. I have two "mother" plants who between them have produced  8 baby Vera.

I am hoping to grow them slowly but surely into size able plants for selling, trading and of course using.

 I also have these four mystery plants. One of my mother plants was purchased recently from a charity shop plant sale, it appears I have tiny hitchhikers. I think they must be a similar plant to Aloe Vera as they have that thick squishy leaf quality to them. I've decided to grow them for the moment and see what they turn out to be. If they aren't a useful plant than please pray that they are pretty and sellable lol

And finally a quick update on my Basil project. We have sprouting!  I can so far see three tiny green plants starting out of the ten or so seeds I sprinkled in. I'm hoping to see the rest shortly, but three days to germinate in August isn't bad going I don't think. Hopefully I will have an army of plants by late spring for selling, trading and using.

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about Basil! Has he met Rosemary? I don't think you will be old enough to have watched The Herbs when you were a child but it gave me a great fondness for several tasty plants!

  2. I love growing tomatoes like tumberling toms red and yellow in hanging baskets. No blight, lots of toms to freeze open freeze then bag. it provides fruit to throw into sauces or veg to pasta.think I may have a go planting some Basil tomorrow after your success.


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