Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bargains galore

So McD's are doing their yearly Monopoly game again this month and I for one love it!!! I barely ever go in their stores ect on occasion for their facilities (loo and baby changing). And when we were extremely skint we would regulary pick up piles of their serviettes to use as hamster bedding and loo roll. Ah skint day memorys.
So far this week I have managed 4 visits, all for free thanks to all those lovely messy people who leave their litter all over the place. By picking up any stickers I see on the floor, I have so far recieved 2 discount vouchers, 1 free small chips, 1 free cheeseburger and 2 free cokes. Not to mention the street stickers and online stickers I have found. My total to date is 32. And not a penny spent!!!!

Also today after much deliberation we decided to splash out on 3 Blu ray movies in Tescos for £5 each. However once we paid for them with the rest of our shopping and checked our reciept we found we had been overcharged £7 on one of them. Now as many of you may know Tesco has a policy where if they over charge you on an item you recieve double the difference back!!! So our £7 over charge gave us £14 back. So our 3 films cost us a measly £1!!!! Definitely a little treat our budget can stretch to, looks like 3 cozy evenings in on the sofa for us. All I need to make it complete is to dust off the popcorn maker we got for christmas a few years ago and we are all set :)

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  1. You're beating me at the money saving game now, I know nothing about Mc D, having never stepped inside one. I'm going to take my litter picking stick and wait outside their shop now to see what I can find. If I wear a yellow vest people will think I work for the council, ha ha.


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