Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mystery Monday

  So my mystery day out yesterday was a trip to Marwell Zoo!! One of my most favourite places of all time, and all arrange in secret by the wonderful hubby. He even supplied us with a lovely picnic lunch to take with us. I felt truly spoilt.
 I loved watching Anya peeking into all the enclosures and trying to spot the animals. The weather was perfect for walking around and we were quite comfy in our shirts and jumpers for the day.
  We haven't been here since last summer so DD  was a lot older and alert, which made everything so much more fun. We'd normally walk straight past the hippo statue but DD was fascinated for nearly 10 minutes and insisted on riding on it.
 It was nice to see so many of the animals out enjoying the sunshine as much as we were. Not very many people were about either which meant several of the shyer species were in full view for a change.
  We had our lunch half way around the lemur trail. They kept us quite entertained while we enjoyed our sandwichs and nibbles. I actually got to finish my lunch in peace for once as DD was kept quite amused by their antics.
 This lemur kept posing for the camera beautifully and we caught several shots of him.
After the zoo we popped into my parents house on route home, for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. My mum gave me a bag of goodies she had picked up at a local swap meet for us all, which I will blog tomorrow. Needless to say we all slept extremely well after our adventures.

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  1. What a glorious day - and such good weather. How lovely to have a family day out like that [AND goodies from your Mum on the way home too] You have One Great Guy there, hang on to him!!

    blessings xx


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