Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hot off the press

 I've just an email from my Dad with some photos from DD's day out to the zoo yesterday. He has such a talent for taking photos, which sadly doesn't seem to have passed on genetically. OH takes most of my photos for me on here lol.

Marwell have just refurbished their penguin enclosure for their 40th anniversary and from some of the photos it looks pretty snazzy. According to my parents it is where they ended up spending most of their visit, DD is just fascinated my penguins.

 I especially love this shot of DD playing in a tunnel. It's my new laptop background.
 DD even picked up a new furry friend to bring home.
 It looks like she had a lovely lunch of cheese sandwiches, crisps, fruit and milk. And a rather pleasant lunchtime conversation with nanny.
And finally a lovely long nap on the way home in Granddad's car. You can just make out the king spot on her cheek, and a few others on her arm. She hasn't seemed to developed anymore overnight but this morning she is quite warm, sleepy and grumpy so I'm waiting for more to pop out. We have dug out a stash of her favourite DVD's to watch on the sofa and relax. Expect some craft posts for the next few days, I doubt we will be going out much over the next few days.
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  1. That tunnel picture is fabulous! One image to treasure

    congrats on winning the finding fun prize

    blessings x


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