Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday happenings.

 -9Today has been quite the day for freebies and bargains! First off at my weekly knitting group I was given 2 gorgeous patterns that are just perfect for DD. I'm hoping to start one as soon as I've finished a birthday scarf for my SIL. I just need to decide on which one to do first lol, decisions decisions.
 Freebie 2 was a voucher via email for a Gordon's G&T at a local pub. Being quite pregnant and not really a drinker anyway I have passed it over to my hubby. He was delighted at the idea of free tipple and we are hoping to redeem it on Saturday after we close the shop.

And finally freebie 3, a nice book to read. I received an email for the first time in ages from Bookcrossing and remembered that our local museum has quite a nice crossing corner. I wandered up with DD and had a browse of the dozen or so titles currently up for grabs and picked up one that appealed to me. If your not familiar with book crossing I really recommend you take a peek at their website and see if anywhere near you has joined in.

After all those free goodies it was time to hit a local charity shop. I picked up this huge pile of children's books for a measly £2 and most of them look brand new!!! A few are going to one side for a friend's son's birthday that's coming up and the rest will be going onto DD's bulging bookshelf. She loves an afternoon story or two and I'm trying to get a book into her bedtime routine as well.
 The cuddly toys were in a bargain basket near the door which DD fell upon the moment we entered. It was perfect because she was nicely distracted while I had a little rummage in the book box, but meant a choice of toddler tantrum or a toy purchase. She's been such a treasure lately that I couldn't resist giving her a little treat.

I also picked up a copy of  Iron me on. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but am nearing the 100 posts mark on my little old blog, and to say thank you to all my readers and followers I am planning a giveaway. So watch this space for an announcement soon.

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