Friday, 18 May 2012

Finding Fun - Dressing up

 Finding Fun Week 3 is here already :) And the theme this week is Dressing up. So feeling rather crafty this morning we started off by dressing up the Queen of Spoons in this stunning royal purple cape.
 And then we made her a happy dancing audience of paper dolls. DD decided that four was just to many people and ripped hers into partners before drawing on their faces and declaring them done. I may have gotten a little to involved with mine for a grown woman lol. I spent ages making little haircuts and designing their Jubilee outfits. So much time in fact that when I turned round to check what DD was up to ....
She'd made a sofa nest and nodded off. I can only guess in boredom. Poor thing.

 In other news I have had a scary letter through from the tax people but I don't understand it, either we owe them some money from years ago which is going to cause us some fairly substantial woes, or they owe us a really lovely amount which would give us a chance to do some wonderful things sooner than planned. Keep your fingers crossed for me, OH is going to phone them later this afternoon and find out which way our money is flowing.
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  1. Letters from tax man are always a cause for anxiety. Hoping your outcome is a positive one.
    Just to encourage you if it isn't - we had a similar thing 2 years ago, and my OH was very calm with them on the phone and they were helpful in return, and we were able to make the repayment in our time frame without incurring undue penalties. blessings x

    1. Thanks for the reply :) Glad we aren't alone.
      We can cover the amount they ask but it would meen loosing a substantial amount of our savings. I would be glad it was dealt with and gone, but I would also miss the security of knowning that we could afford for the car to break down and the washing machine blow up in the same week lol. Because we all know these things come in threes x x x

  2. *G* Glad you had so much fun with your paper people! The Queen of spoons looks very regal in her purple.

    As for the tax office, if the money is going the wrong way the big thing is to talk to them sooner rather than later and arrange something - they are normally quite good about payment plans etc if you contact them straight away rather than leave it until they chase.

  3. Cool Spoon and lovely sleeping child - aww - BJ


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