Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursdays doings

  DD has been more awake and alert today so I wanted to try and get back on track with our home school this week. We coloured in the letter B using green pens, pencils and crayons and the finished it off by sticking on green things we found in the craft box. It kept her attention for about half an hour which really impressed me seeing as she is still suffering. She seems to have picked up B and Green very well. It now has pride of place on our learning wall next to the letter A from last week.
 During DD's afternoon nap I whipped up our dinner ready for this evening. We are having a nice Shepard's pie with some mince I found hiding in the freezer. I've added a tins of baked beans with sausages, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a handful of porridge oats. I also added a handful of sliced frozen mushrooms from the freezer stash.
 I was feeling a little bit creative with the mash potato so I added a few drops of green food colouring so it keeps in with our theme. This huge dish will feed us all for two main meals with some veggies. I'm looking forward to OH coming home so I can pop in the oven to warm through and then devour..Om nom nom
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