Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chinese Astrology

Are you a pig or a tiger? LOL
  Have you ever looked up your Chinese zodiac symbol? I came across an article recently that said we are currently in the year of the dragon. This has led to a surge in pregnancies among the chinese as it is considered the best time in the calender to a lucky dragon baby. Falling into this category myself (not by planning though) I spent some time this morning looking up our family signs using THIS site.

I am an OX (metal) and pretty much everything I've read on the Ox page is spot on for me and my personality.
OH is a Pig (water) and again this page could have been written about him! He is truly generous to a fault, and I can certainly agree with the idea he is a spender and not a saver lol.
DD is a Tiger (metal) and I am certainly seeing some of the traits on her page starting to shine through.

 It is amazingly close how these pages have got to the way we think about each other. Have a look if you fancy it and leave me a comment with your views on what you found out.
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