Thursday, 24 May 2012

Busy afternoon

 Yesterday afternoon we had glorious weather, and it really soaked into my skin and got me moving! First off was DD's lesson for the day which was the letter A. We also referenced yesterdays lesson which was squares by decorating the letter A with squares I cut out from scrap paper. I was really impressed with DD's attention span today as we sat down for a good 20 minutes to complete these two projects without complaints or wandering off. We are only on day 3 of trying this scheme and already I feel she is gaining from it. Our reward for making the pictures above was a malted milk biscuit each, because the weeks theme is cows and they have little cows stamped on them. Tomorrows lesson is the number one which she will be starting with Daddy while I am at my knitting group.
 While DD was having her afternoon nap I also hooked out the patchwork quilt I started working on forever ago and made another 2 stars to add to it. It was lovely to just sit in the open window and sew. I'm hoping to work on this project a little more over the summer and possibly end up with a new quilt for winter, but we shall see how it goes.
And finally I completed another task on my spring clean/before baby to do list and blitzed a bookshelf. I've bagged up 4 carrier bags full of books that I've either read, tried to read and hated or just lost interest in. They will mostly be destined for the charity shop but some I've registered for Book crossing.

After all that I am going to relax with a cup of tea and watch DD have a tea party with her stuffed animals
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