Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A long long day.

 (I love DD's hand sneaking into shot)

 Today has been a long long day. A grumpy DD who needed a nap desperately but refused to have one. And an OH who had accidentaly corrupted his computer game save after spending hours trying to get an achievement. Both we're comforted somewhat with biscuits but even so it's been tough staying sane.
 On one of our many walks around the town centre trying to get DD to nap I picked up a cheesecake mix for 60p. I'm planning to make this tomorrow with DD seeing as she enjoys helping mummy cook. It also helps that it's one of Daddy's favourites.
 The England 2012 paper chains will be a great addition to DD's craft box. And a great addition to my England corner of the front room.
I also picked up a wonderful pair of Next trousers for just £1, they still had their tag on saying they were on sale for £12! They are sightly long at the moment but I think she'd be in them by autumn which would be perfect for the colour and material they are.
 The book is being tucked away for reading on holiday. I love QI and have read the other QI books they have released so this was a gem of a find for £1.25

 x x x

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