Friday, 4 May 2012

Photo's of my day

  Our Veggie plants are growing well, and look pretty healthy to me. Having almost owned them for a week I am very pleased they haven't turned brown and crispy.

  OH had a quiet morning in the shop so used his free time to sort out this lovely photo frame and surprised me with it when he got home. It is just perfect for the TV table and has made me smile each time I glance at it. He also had a game come in the shop that I've been desperate to play with ages!!! I am such a spoilt wifey.
And I have finished the pom pon scarf I was knitting for SIL's birthday. I just need to wrap it up and pop it with her card ready for sending. I hope she likes it :)
 I have also been trying my first challenge from the second week of Finding Fun, but feel it deserves it's own post so will blog that in just a mo after my dinner.

 x x x

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