Saturday, 26 May 2012

Finding Fun - Week Five

 So another Finding Fun challenge is upon us, this week our theme is hands. My mind went into crafty overdrive when I saw that theme. First up I was going to try some nail art before DD had gotten up but sadly it was not to be and my plans were foiled.
 Yes. I realise they aren't hands, but DD's pretty painted toes are just so cute we can overlook that one right? I will have to remember how much she enjoyed this as it kept her quiet and calm while daddy was still in bed.
  The next idea I found was hand print animals after a quick google hunt we came up with elephants and giraffes. This is also a double whammy as it meant I could introduce next weeks home school theme which is Jungle. We have added them to our home school wall and DD is so proud of them. Just ask her dolly how many times she's been shown them lol.

Thank you for another selection of fun ideas Carolyn. And an extra thank you for picking me as the winner of last weeks entries. 

x xx


  1. The little painted toes are so sweet! Aren't we all having fun with Carolyn's themes - it will be a shame when it all comes to an end.

  2. Love those hand printed animals! Think your DD will enjoy this weeks prize, I've not posted it yet due to being suddenly needed to look after my two year twin nephews all day today (and now joined by my 8 year old nephew and my own 2!)

    I'm sure feet will do just as well - I almost made it hands and feet anyway.

    1. Oh bless it sounds like you have quite a lot to juggle at the moment. At least the weather is lovely and you can run them all ragged in the garden/park.
      Post it when you are able hun, just give me a comment to let me know when to look out for it lol.
      x x x
      P.S Glad I got away with the feet lol

  3. I painted my toe-nails this week too so I joined in with the feet fun - LOL. Your handprint animals are fun which reminds me of doing brown hand prints and using alot of them for the spines of hedgehogs. BJ


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