Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mess, Muddle and Fun Week Three - Kitchen

 So for this weeks challenge from Carolyn (How do you come up with all these lovely ideas BTW?) was In the Kitchen. After reading her suggestions I immediately felt drawn to the wooden spoon puppets as I knew DD would love them. I managed a quick scurry into Wilko's while I was watching the shop for OH a few days back and picked up 2 spoons for just 37p each.
 We decided to make Jubilee spoons because we are on trend lol. The first became the Queen and the second a Union Jack. DD loved decorating the other sides of the spoon and the Spoon Queen has been introduced to all her other toys as a new friend.
 Please excuse the awful photos, I took them this morning at 5.30 am thanks to DD having night terrors again, so just be glad the cameras the right way round lol. I will pop some better photos on shortly.
  Can't wait till Friday for Carolyn's next set of challenges. x x x


  1. Great spoons! are you going to make a cloak for Her Maj [from a dishcloth perhaps?]

    Sorry about the night terrors - hang in there, they WILL pass!

    blessings x

  2. What a great, and on trend idea - glad you both had fun with it.

    Just to add to Angela's comment, yes, night terrors do pass, just hang on in.


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