Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday Outings and Monday's plans.

 Yesterday we visited my parents for the afternoon and we all ended up going to a local restaurant that had recently opened. I would love to say it was a nice meal out but it really wasn't. Two of our meals had be sent back because they were wrong and the whole place was sweltering hot. I certainly won't be returning in the near future :(
 DD enjoyed spending most the time blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk so she was happy.
Our plans for today are to start DD on some basic homeschooling using this scheme here. We still haven't decided anything long term but have agreed that she is ready to start learning now. So today we will be introducing the first weeks theme which is cows with some colouring, rhymes and stories on the bovine theme.
 I have already sorted out her craft box which has been on my list of things to do forever!!! Thanks to a horrible bout of heartburn this morning I was the first one up and able to get it organised in peace. I'm even £9 richer as I found some T***o voucher I didn't even know I had. As well as a Sun bonnet sue embroidery patch to do and an unopened pack of hair slides that I can crochet more hearts and flowers for.
 This afternoon is certainly going to be craft based with two new projects to get on with, my blanket is on a back burner as I'm waiting for some matching white wool to arrive at the local wool shop/
 Hope you all have a lovely Monday

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