Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday Treats

 Yesterday my MIL popped up to visit us for the afternoon. We haven't caught up with each other for ages so it was lovely to have a chat over some pizza in the local pizza hut. DD loved trying a little bit of every ones pizza and was like a kid in a candy store at the salad bar with her own little bowl.
    Because DD had behaved so well during our meal, I treated her to a ride on Iggle Piggle in the local shopping centre of the way back to see Daddy in his shop.

A finally a little treat for all of us. Iceland have KitKat chunky bars on offer for £1.50  for 8 bars!!! At less than 20p a bar and use by date of 2013 we will be filling our boots on this offer by picking up a pack or two each time we pass.
And finally a 10p bargain from a local chazza shop. DD picked it our because she recognised the number and she liked the birds. She insisted on putting it on straight away and I have a feeling this will be a new favourite for a little while.
 In other news, we finally got in touch with the tax man about our letter to find out that money is in fact flowing toward us :) So we have almost £1000 travelling its way towards our holiday, Christmas and savings accounts. Our holiday next month is going to be super luxurious now with a little extra boost to the saving pot, I'm thinking of all those cream teas already!!!

x x x

P.S I will picking a winner for my giveaway this evening to give people some extra time to enter. With only 2 entries so far you have a good chance of winning :)

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