Friday, 4 May 2012

Week 2 of Finding Fun

Week two of Finding Fun is upon us already, this week with  a theme of houses. One of challenges is drawing a house like you used to as a child. So below is my attempt, I'm really chuffed with it and it was a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind living in it actually, it has a lovely sunny garden and a handy clothes line nearby.

 Other challenges this week include building a house of cards, playing Cluedo and drawing your dream home. My brother is coming to visit us on Sunday to watch the football with OH and give DD a belated birthday present, so we are hoping to hook him into a quick game of Cluedo. I haven't played a board game in years so I'm quite excited about busting one out from the back of cupboard.

 Thank you for another week of fab suggestions Carolyn.

x x x


  1. Great drawing, I gave up on drawing and went out in the street in the rain and took a photo! BJ

  2. Oh that is just what I meant, a drawing in the way we did as children - looks like you had great fun!


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