Thursday, 31 May 2012

A dull dull day

 Yesterday was quite dull to be honest. DD spent most of the day sleeping as you see in the photo above, and I've never realised just how much she fills up my time. Because she was asleep I ran round the flat and did my chores, which we're considerably less from her lack of participation. Then I watched a program on Iplayer that I wanted to catch up with. And then I got a bit bored to be honest.
 I made some chocolate and banana cakes again because they are so popular in this house and we had a few bananas going squishy. OH remarked that they taster more banana-y than usual which I think is because DD tends to eat the banana lumps as we go and I'm never sure how much gets in the finished article. It's the same with raisins lol.
 Then I sat and watched a movie on Sky on Demand and start another scarf for Xmas to add into my stash. I'm hoping to get it finished off today.
 About three o'clock though she woke up starving hungry and ready to play. So after some nummy sandwiches I put a towel down on the coffee table hooked out a few containers and cups and let her play with some water.
She has great fun pouring little bits of water from one container to another, and its fun to watch her experiment with different quantities and learn through example.
 Lets hope she's feeling a bit better and more awake today :)
 x x x

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