Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's the pox.

 Poor old DD has returned from her day out with nanny and grandad looking rather spotty.
 She had a spot on her cheek this morning that had appeared overnight, but was otherwise fine and well in herself. She come back with a few more on her face, shoulders and back. A friends little girl has recently had a case so we knew she'd been exposed, we though we'd got away with it but apparently it takes about 21 days from catching it to showing spots.
 I picked up some calamine in wilkos and will give her a dab over before she goes to bed, and I have plenty of calpol in stock if she does pick up a temperature.My mum swears by a bath run through a muslin bag of oatmeal will help as well.
 Any other tips from you lovely readers?
x x x


  1. Just hoping YOU had it as a child- I was 31 when I caught it from my two- and thought I was going to die!!

    LOOSE cotton clothing - like mum or dad's teeshirts

    Your Mum's tip IS a good one. Also a cool bath with spoonful of bicarb.

    blessings x

    1. I'm assured by my mum that I had a full dose of it as a child so I should be fine. I've told the midwife that I've been exposed but she says she has no concerns.
      I'm hoping with this nice weather to just to let her be in the nuddy with a nappy on.
      As long as she isn't tempted to itch, in which case I will try the tshirt idea
      x x x

  2. all my love to you all, I may not get the hooooge parcel in the post until I'm back off my holidays but it won't go off, love Froogs xxxx


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