Sunday, 29 April 2012

Plants and Cats

  Today is a completely miserable and wet Sunday down this way. We needed to pop out to run an errand so we did it first thing to get it out the way. My good friend and ex colleague Alice mentioned on Face Book a few days ago that she was over run with vegetable seedlings and did anyone want some. I asked it could have a sweet pepper plant and a cherry tomato plant for DD, and she kindly said we could if we could pick them up from her work.
 So OH and I had a lovely hot chocolate each this morning and came home with the plants above. For now they are living on my dining table to take full advantage of the sunlight, and keep them away from curious little fingers. I shall keep you posted on their progress.

 Angela from Chasing Rainbows asked about my little brown cat in the corner of one of my photos yesterday. He is actually a carved gourd jewellery box. My parents gave him to me one Christmas a few years ago, and I believe he came from a Tradecraft shop in Shirley. I had a quick look on their website but they only do gourd birdhouses at the moment but several other fair trade websites seem to have them in various designs.

My plans for the rest of the afternoon is to knit my hubby some nice warm socks as he recently destroyed a pair walking home in leaking trainers. They rubbed straight through and he had some horrible sore blisters from having damp feet the whole way. Poor thing.

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  1. Thank you for posting the cat picture!, and giving details

    Enjoy your sock knitting!! [can I recommend learning to darn as a way to make socks last even longer]

    blessings xx


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