Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Big Give - 7/366 - FINISHED

Congratulations harduphester 

Item 7!  My first week of clutter clearing has been rather a success I feel. 
Today's item is a fake snake effect filo fax binder.

It even has a handful of pages inside for you to add to or remove if you don't need them.

P&p is £2.00

If no one comments after 7 days it will be donated to the local chazza.

X x x


  1. I have one of these, but just wondering when do you announce the winners of your giveaways x

  2. Hi SL
    I didn't really make that very clear did I? Whoops. Each item will run for 7 days then I will pick a winner or donate. I know some people don't read everyday so I wanted to be fair to everyone.

  3. Hi, yes please, I'd love this as my last one finally disintegrated and was thrown away.

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