Thursday, 21 January 2016

Super Six Shopping

Hubby had a much treasured day off yesterday. We popped into Aldi on way back from the school run for the super 6.
 This week's offers are 59p and included carrots, baking potatoes, onions, parsnips, swede and lemons.

I didn't need carrots or potato's so I switched them for a can of chickpeas and punnet of kiwis  (also 59p)

I've diced and frozen all the veggies. 
But the lemons I wanted to play with, so I made a delicious batch of lemon curd. Hubby is delighted, he loves lemon curd. 
I've also kept the seeds so I can try growing my own lemons in the future. Apparently they can take 15 years to fruit, so mark it in your calenders folks and pop back then lol. 

X x x


  1. Funny - I'll mark it in my calendar now! We have an amazing lemon tree that fruits for 9 months of the year. It seems to always have some blossom, some little green lemons and some ripe lemons on it. Like a magic tree! So we love lemon butter here too.
    Your Aldi has some fantastic bargains. Ours does too, but not that good!

  2. Oh larks ... a trip to Aldi on a much-treasured day off! But worth it for lemon curd!
    Margaret P

  3. those are super prices I wish we had those sort of deals. I should tell my mam as she shops at Aldi's.

  4. I love the super six at Aldi, I stock up every two weeks x

  5. Great prices, I must try to make lemon curd one day x


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