Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Blowing some molah!

We've done so well so far with decluttering the house. Today instead of carting stuff out we've brought some in!
First a new pair of shoes for DD2. 

A set of two pajamas for Gman. £2 was not a price to be sniffed at. I'm pretty sure he can't read so he won't realise they say Christmas lol.
Have you noticed clothing is starting to have the year written on it to put you off reusing it? It could be Christmas 2015 for a for years in my household lol.

I grabbed two of these Advent activity books. The girls can fill in a page a day during advent. I'm tempted to use them as placemats so they make a good distraction while waiting for dinner.
£1 each instead of £4.99! Well worth tucking away for next year with the rest of the stash.

Are you prepping for next year yet?
X x

P.s  -  harduphester  please pop me an email. You have been picked to receive a giveaway item 


  1. when my lot were small I always used to buy bargains throughout the year for xmas.

  2. Hi
    I'm having problems sending you an email I'll post my address in a comment, I hope that is ok

  3. I always stick up when I can.

  4. I too buy year got some great deals there. I am back to blogging again!

  5. I do buy a few things but tend towards making things, sometimes for a specific person, sometimes just to go into the gift box.


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